How much does this event cost?

It is FREE for anyone that wants to participate.  Make sure you register in advance with your delegation.

Should I practice before this event?

It’s up to you. If you choose to practice prior to the event, you must practice on your own; no in-person team or group practices are allowed. (We’re currently working with Special Olympics and Special Olympics Minnesota Heads of Delegations to develop Return to Play guidelines for SOMN delegations.)

Will I be divisioned against others? How will I know my place?

Everyone will receive an award at the conclusion of the event. We’ll collect results from everyone during this event, and we’ll division and post results online afterwards so you can see how you did.

If I’m transporting more than one participant in the same vehicle, will they compete together?

They’ll be scheduled on the same shift. When your vehicle is waved to the Punt, Pass, Kick station, only one participant can get out to compete at a time. The other participant must wait in the vehicle until they’re called up to compete.

Can coaches and Unified Partners compete?

Yes! They just need to be registered in advance with your delegation.